Progress in Minneapolis

The opportunity for bike parks to be built across Minneapolis has never looked more promising. Since 2017 we have been advocating for safe and exciting bike parks where kids can ride their bikes in a dedicated space. Our engagement with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) and community outreach has helped educate, build excitement, and get bike parks added to the park boards master plans. 


To date there are 12+ approved bike parks in the master plans for neighborhood and regional parks across the city. Unfortunately, just because they are in the plans it doesn’t mean they will all be built, but it’s a huge first step in getting them prioritized and funded. Your continued engagement, energy and contributions will be instrumental in getting these bikes parks built.

Service Area Master Plan Updates

Minneapolis is split into five service areas and has several regional parks, each one has their own master plan. Below is a break out of where bike parks will be built in each of the service areas.

North Minneapolis, click to see the plans

  • Perkins Hill Park (build in 2021, see the plan at the bottom of this page)

  • Bryn Mawr Park

  • Bryn Mawr Skills Park (complete and ready to ride)

  • Folwell Park

  • Hall Park

  • Harrison Park

  • Victory Park


Southwest Minneapolis, click to see the plans:

  • The Parade Park

  • Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park


East of the River, Northeast and Southeast Minneapolis, click to see the plans:

  • Luxton Park

  • Northeast Skills Park (complete and ready to ride)

  • Xcel Park


Minnehaha Parkway Regional Trail, click to see the plans:

  • 34th Ave at Minnehaha Creek

  • Bloomington Ave at Minnehaha Creek

South Minneapolis:

  • Lake Nokomis Park (complete and ready to ride)

  • The South Service Area Master Plan was completed before the existence of Minneapolis Bike Parks, we will need to amend this plan. ​

perkins hill.jpg