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Minneapolis is home to the best park system in the US and ranks among the best cities for cycling in the nation year after year, but off-street biking options for kids don't exist. We are changing that by working with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to bring off-street riding options to all corners of our city.


Our vision includes a network of bike parks across the city will provide kids and adults with an opportunity to learn new bike skills, gain confidence on their bike in a controlled environment, expose them to the outdoors, provide an alternative option to traditional sports, promote an active lifestyle, and introduce mountain biking to members of the community who don't have the means or desire to access suburban and rural trails.

Bike Parks will enhance the existing park infrastructure by bringing fun, sustainable, and exciting off-street biking options to our neighborhood and regional parks.  New and experienced riders won’t have to venture far from home or drive to a trailhead to practice their skills and improve their confidence in preparation for their first, or next, bicycle adventure.


Progress and Opportunities

Through our community engagement efforts and work with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board we are seeing bike parks being added to master plans across the city, but we need you to remain engaged- it's your input and involvement that will ensure bike parks happen in Minneapolis.


A bike park is a dedicated space that is designed specifically for improving your skills on a bikes. Bike parks can be built on small pieces of land in urban areas, in large green spaces, and among existing park features. They come in all different shapes and sizes, but generally include one or more of the following types of courses; bicycle playground, pump track, or skills course.